Copeland for U. S. Senate

"Willing to serve, not be served"

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Georgia Values

Georgians must stand up for what is right. Our government must  implement policies that promote strong marriages, families and country. We need to preserve the rights for each child to receive a good education and not be saddled with enormous debt after completing college. We should be offering a free undergraduate education to all Americans.

 I am a life-long Christian, mother, a widow, AT&T corporate manager and a champion of the underdog. I was born in Georgia, went to college in Georgia, raised my family in Georgia, and work in Georgia.  I'm the best candidate to represent Georgia in the U S Senate.

We can't afford to send another rich businessman to Washington to make laws that burden the citizens of Georgia and protect his business interest instead of the people.  You need someone that is committed to serving you.

  • See to it Georgia (C2itG) that you are registered to vote by April 26,2016.
  • See to it Georgia (C2itG) that you go to the polls on May 24, 2016- (Early voting begins May 2)
  • See to it Georgia (C2itG) that you are represented in Washington DC.
  • See to it Georgia (C2itG) that you elect Cheryl Copeland to the U. S. Senate.



During our recent May debate, my competitor Jim Barksdale admitted that he was a republican and has changed his party affiliation to democrat. Now he is running for U S Senate as a Democrat. Georgia don't be fooled. Please watch the May 2016 U S Senate debate below and you will see that I'm the best candidate to represent Georgia.


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